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You should be able to buy a medium sized 3 bed house in an average area within an hours drive of Sydney for A$300,000 to A$450,000. . Expect to pay around of A$260,000 to A$350,000 (GBP105k to GBP130k) for a medium sized 2 or 3 bed house in any area with prices rising as you get closer to both Brisbane's cityscape or to the centre of the Gold coast area at Surfers Paradise. . Even if you are earning a fair bit above an average salary you would most likely have to settle for a modest house in most cities in the UK but in Australia A detached 3 bedroom house in a an area classed as average would probably cost around A$170,000 to A$320,000 (GBP69,000 - 125,000). . , read more.....

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